Why should you choose Lodhi Law Office?

You have your choice of which immigration law firm you should work with and hire, so what makes Lodhi Law Office different from the others? 

1. Expertise of the Attorney. -- Attorney Patricia Casarez-Lodhi prides herself in continuously learning about the changes in law that affect the immigrant community. Patricia uses her non-office time wisely by taking courses from various immigration providers so that she can stay current on all aspects of immigration law.  Additionally, she is a member of the the Eastern District of Kentucky District Court Bar, and an admitted member of the special attorneys who are admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. 

2. Personalization. -- Are you tired of getting the runaround in a law firm where you are just a number because there are way too many clients? Are you frustrated that you never get to see or even speak with your attorney, and that you have to wait a long time for a response every time you have a question or concern? At Lodhi Law Office, Attorney Patricia meets with all of her clients, and clients are never passed on to a secretary or assistant. Patricia screens all of her clients carefully and makes sure that all parties involved can comfortably work together, and she only works with clients that she knows she will have individual time for. In this manner all clients can be assured that they will be receiving quality legal work from the person that they actually hired.

3. Quick case turnaround. -- Immigration law is a complex and quickly changing area of the law, and Attorney Patricia makes every effort to complete your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is especially important for clients who come seeking assistance with an RFE or NOID, both of which have very time sensitive deadlines. Because this is a non-volume practice, you can be assured that your case will receive the prompt attention that it deserves. Of course, this quick case turnaround is only possible when clients fulfill their obligations of providing the requisite documents and information in a timely manner. But, if it is important to you, then it is important to Attorney Patricia.